Car Rental Solution

Our car rental solution offers the advanced tools to manage your vehicle rental operation. It is a complete solution for managing your vehicles, customers, employees and revenue.

Easy to use and supporting everyone...

  • The Rental Desk
  • Fleet Management
  • Accounts & Finance
  • Billing & Long Term Invoicing
  • Internet Bookings & Marketing
  • Tariff and Yield Management
  • Remote Sites & Central Reservations
  • Reports & Management information
  • Vendor Management
  • Client Management
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At the heart of your Rental Operation

Car rental solution supports the busy front desk in every way and it's quick too. To find a vehicle, create a quote, assign a client and make a booking will take you less than 20 seconds! So when the front desk is busy, solution doesn't get in the way! The "Allocation Chart" is the IT equivalent of the familiar T'Chart and solution's "Daily Diary" keeps the front desk staff (and the managers) up to date with exactly what's due in and out. Not only that, solution warns you if there are any delays or conflicts such as a vehicle that hasn't yet checked in but has been booked to go out. With its impressive range of features, solution supports every aspect of your rental operation.

Car Rental Solution

Looking after your Vehicles...

In addition to over 70 pieces of information, solution's user definable attributes allow you to store anything you like about a vehicle. So if you want to record or lookup the internal dimensions of a transit van, or the security code of the radio, the information is easily available.

You can attach any number of notes and files to the vehicle, including photos of damage, registration documents or any other related items.

Vehicle's Costs and Sales

During its lifetime a vehicle incurs costs and generates income. These transactions are recorded against a vehicle, allowing you to keep track of its profitability

In addition to damage costs and recharges, solution enables you to record services, maintenance, MOT’s and any other type of income and cost.

By providing a 360 degree view of the performance of each vehicle, model and group, solution gives you all the information you need to make informed judgments about the make-up of your fleet. Essential considerations when purchasing new fleets can now be based on facts.

Car Rental Solution

Account and Retail Customer Management

Solution enforces all credit account limits for your account clients. Every time a booking is made or vehicle is being checked out, Solution will automatically check the current balance and credit limit of the account so you don't have to. For your retail clients, all payments must be made before the customer leaves with their vehicle, and if there's fuel or damage to be paid when the vehicle checks in, solution reminds you to collect it. With our solution, you always have a safety net.

Invoice Generation

Gone are the days of typing invoices into your accounts software...

Our solution does it all for you in seconds! At the end of the day all newly created invoices are placed onto a "Day Sheet". The accounts person then presses the "Post Items" button and that's it! All your invoices are now in your accounts software. As simple as that. We work with most other accounts Software using a CSV, Excel file to export invoices and import accounts information back.

Invoicing for Longer Term Rentals... Made Simple

Fed up having to close down rental agreements and then create new ones at the end of each month? Our solution you're looking for. No matter how your client wants to be billed, be it every 7, 14, 21 or 28 days, at the start or end of the month or even quarterly - no problem! Whether you want to bill in advance or in arrears, that's fine too!

Put simply, when you go home for the night, all of your invoices will be waiting for you to confirm the next morning. When you're ready, you can either print and send the invoices in the post or Batch Email them to your clients ... Or both!

Car Rental Solution
Car Rental Solution

Online Bookings

Connecting your software to your website and increase your bookings!

The internet has revolutionized the vehicle hire industry and consumers are more internet savvy than ever before. So it is incredibly important that a potential customer has the tools to make a booking with you. Don’t wait until it's too late! We strongly believe in the human touch. However we also understand that if your website lacks the facility for online bookings, you severely reduce the likelihood of bookings being placed, not to mention the chances of the person visiting your website.

Business Analysis

Utilization, Fleet Mix, Revenue Analysis, Source of Client Analysis and all things Reports...

With our solution reporting suite you have total understanding of what is going on in your business.

Whether you need information on:

  • Utilization
  • Revenue
  • Insurance
  • Total client spend over the last 3 months
  • Mile slippage
  • Group analysis
  • Site analysis or vehicle costing

Our solution delivers the information you need to make intelligent and informed decisions that really gives you the edge.

Our solution's unparalleled flexibility means that reports are easily customisable. A report can be displayed, printed or output to an Excel spread sheet where you have the freedom to do what you like with it!

Car Rental Solution